Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Parental Rights Lawyer for Fathers With Criminal Records

Do You Have a Criminal Record?

You are still a father and may retain your rights as a parent, even if your criminal background includes a conviction, felony charges and even jail/prison time.

All Dads have Equal Rights

At DADSLAW, INC., our fathers' rights attorneys represent the interests of fathers who are incarcerated and those who have served their debt to society. Many men convicted of felonies, falsely believe they no longer have any right to see their children. Unless your conviction had to do with a list of specific crimes (such as child endangerment), that's just not true.

If you have been released from incarceration, we will work to establish a plan to reintroduce you gradually to your children in a manner that is comfortable for them and you.

Modifying Child Support Payments

Often, incarcerated men don't understand that their child support obligations do not stop just because their ability to earn income has ceased. Unless you petition the court for a modification of child support, you will be in arrears in support and faced with a huge bill upon your release. Once incarcerated, you should immediately file for a change in child and/or spousal support. This can be accomplished by a DadsLaw attorney without the necessity of your appearance in family court.

If you are currently incarcerated, contact a fathers rights attorney at DADSLAW, INC. for skilled legal assistance in child support modification as soon as possible. If you have been released and hit with a massive bill for back child support, contact our family law attorneys for assistance. We may be able to get the amount due reduced substantially.

No matter where you live, if you are a dad with a criminal record and you have a divorce or family law case, call the divorce lawyers experienced in fighting for the rights of men and fathers – DADSLAW, INC.

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