Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The mainstream slowly, slowly, learns a thing or two

Alternative Medicines
Are They Key to a Healthy, Happy Pregnancy?
By Jacqueline Rupp

A decade ago alternative medicine needed a full introduction. Most people had rarely heard about it or tried anything beyond the pharmacist's counter.

Today, holistic therapies are part of the American mainstream, with an ever-increasing amount of doctors researching and using these alternative medicines and a rise in the demand by the general public for an alternative to prescription drug-based treatments.

For pregnant women, alternative therapies can offer unique solutions for both common pregnancy-related annoyances and some serious complications. In general, holistic therapies focus more on the individual as a whole, not just a specific symptom, and offer pregnant women the chance to take stock of their overall well-being at a time when so many changes are occurring both physically and emotionally. Because the term "alternative medicine" refers to a large group of individual treatments, we've taken just two forms – homeopathy and herbal therapies – to explore what they can offer pregnant women.

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