Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Real Costs of Nuclear War: Radioactive Breastmilk, Birth Defects, Contaminated Food Chains

Well, I'm an Eastern Washington baby, born and raised in the downwind nuclear shadow of Hanford, so this kind of stuff hits especially close to home. If you think humans only suffer injury or death when a plant melts down or a bomb goes boom, think again. Isn't reproduction a freedom and a right to be protected at all costs? Shouldn't the health risks to pregnant women and small children, when coupled with the environmental costs and wreckage, be enough to convince people that nuclear energy is not even remotely safe and we should perhaps find better ways of reducing energy consumption rather than increasing energy production? Anyway, here's a bunch of terrible news on uranium mining in other countries and on Native American reservations, depleted uranium, radioactive breast milk, birth defects in infants due to radiation sickness acquired by their mother from working in nuclear power plants, Hanford's Environmental Impact Statement ... you know, some of that dark underbelly we don't often hear about unless we go looking.

Miscarriage, stillbirths after mining

Genetic Effects and Birth Defects from Radiation Exposure - Hanford Health Information Network

Campaign Against Depleted Uranium

Uranium Mining in Utah

History of Uranium in Utah

Gulf War Syndrome, Depleted Uranium And The Dangers Of Low-Level Radiation

The High Cost of Uranium in Navajo Land

Claims by uranium companies in the United States have soared

Indigeneous Peoples Call for Global Ban on Uranium Mining

Wikipedia - Uranium Mining

New Uranium Mining Projects in the USA

Libertarian Socialist Alliance for Self Managed Energy Systems

Australian Message Board on uranium mining and a nuclear waste dump

Online Book on Uranium Mining in Saskatchewan

Industries that are Harmful to Women

Fighting breast cancer: A Native woman's journal

Miners' health may be the cost of a nuclear future

Cancer mortality in a Texas county with prior uranium mining and milling activities, 1950–2001

India's Uranium Nightmare

Final Hanford Site Solid Waste Program Environmental Impact Statemant January 2004

Hanford Comprehensive Land-Use Plan
Environmental Impact Statements

September 1999

Uranium mining left a legacy of death

Manuel Pino at

Uranium Mining and the Laguna People

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