Tuesday, September 23, 2014

What's all the Rushin' Fer?

I've been looking for this for awhile. It's on an old framed picture at my father's cabin. I'll try to rustle up a photo.

Rushin' to the office, rushin' out to eat, 
Rushin, back an, rushin' home, Rushin' down the street 
Rushin' up an, rushin, down, rushin' in an' out, 
Say, what,s all the rushin' fer? VVhat's it all about? 

Rushin' after money, rushin' after fame, 
Climbin' pushin', shovin', It's a dizzy game. 
Steppin' on each other,s heels, let me by-lookout! 
Say, what's all the rushinl fer? VVhat's it all about? 

What's the use of rushin'? Let us loaf a while, 
VVatch 'em push, an' run any grab, We'll just sit an' smile. 
As they scramble down the road gaily we will shout, 
"Say, what's all the rushin' ferr, VVhat's it all about?"

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Gramma said...

Always one of my favorites. <3