Tuesday, July 3, 2007

In the News: Made in China, II

From Green Baby Blog

800pxtoothpaste Remember the antifreeze-laced cough syrup exported from China and shipped 'round the world to disastrous effect? Well, it turns out diethylene glycol is back on the market, this time in children's toothpaste brands "Excel" & "Mr. Cool." And where did this latest batch of tainted merchandise come from? I'll give you one guess.

But according to Zou Jianjun, spokesman for the Chinese trading company responsible for using the chemical, none of us has anything to worry about:

"Proper amounts of diethylene glycol are not toxic if it remains uncontaminated."


Have chemicals become so commonplace that we really believe it's okay to ingest--in any quantity--the same chemical responsible for keeping our cars running smooth?

I sure hope not.

For the latest information, click here: Tainted Toothpaste.

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