Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Smashing Capitalism One Canoe-Pool At A Time!

That's right, I'm a friggin' genius. Screw the kiddie pools that cost money, my dual-purpose canoe rules the day.

Censored thanks to those fucking sickos who viewed the naked pictures of my daughters I accidentally put on Flickr so long ago. Note the resemblance of censored bars to frowny faces and buzz off, we're well armed out here in the woods.


Honky-Tonk Dragon said...

yeah it's depressing that innocent pictures of kids running around nekkid have become verboten due to pedophilia paranoia.
There is a serious difference between nude, naked, and nekkid.
Nude is frequently found in art classes, sketch books, and medical illustration. There is a sense of professionalism and edification, whether educational or aesthetic to nude.
Naked is exposed, scandalous, and sexualized. Pornography and erotica feature naked models.
Nekkid is innocent, spontaneous, carefree and funloving. It's toddlers playing in a sprinkler on a August afternoon. It's finding a perfect magical swimming hole in the middle of a long hike. Nuthin' wrong with nekkid.
Besides without pictures of babies butt-assed nekkid on bearskin rugs, what are you going to use to embrass your kids when they start dating?

la roux said...

i love the canoe.
summer must be wonderful at hungry hollow.

la roux said...

do you really not know who i am?
you must. i will leave it to you to figure out.

Daddy L said...

I do the same thing for my naked pics of The Boy. Too many sickos in the world, using the 'net of creepy purposes.

The Dad said...

You've been tagged with a meme. The 8 things meme. Be warned.


GreenDaddy said...

That is genius. You ought to patent the idea : )

Hakim Baker said...

yeah so there, I tag you too. I been slacking on that part of the damn game. love the little girls, they're always signs of the divine here on earth. props to multifunctionality, a key concept of permaculture.

Hakim Baker said...

woops, I'm supposed to be playing the middle name game and not the 8 things thing. sorry!

Anonymous said...

the canoe is an awesome idea. far more intriguing than a round piece of plastic.

my partner and i won't post photos of our son or each other on the net for the same / similar reasons. we have asked our friends not to post photos we email them either. some have been a bit confused, but fortunately compliant with our wishes.



The Parents Zone said...

You should have taken just canoe picture...as daddyI said this world filled with sickos...better take a good care in future posts...

I loved this idea...well we can earn money but can't buy that happiness, joy, smiles and laughs.