Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Battle For Our Children's Minds

Interesting article, can't say that I necessarily agree on all their points, but I must applaud their tone.

"A global and social transformation is taking place being manifested through the media, television, corporations, government agencies, the United Nations, and the educational system. The agents of change and the social engineers wish to purge our children's beliefs, value systems, their independence and individuality; their aim being to replace them with more global beliefs, universal values, and interdependence thus molding their fragile little minds, shifting them into group think. All the while with the state trying to undermine parental authority and influence, playing a greater role in a child's life and contributing to the further breakup of the family.

There is a battle on for our children's hearts and minds. With the educational system assuming direct control and responsibility for the development of children's attitudes and values, and through mental health screening, the government will be incorporating social and emotional development, a place where it does not seemingly belong. John Dewy, considered to be the father of progressive education said, “the society or groups is most important, and that independent individualists have a form of insanity.” Much of his teachings have become dominant in the American public school system..."Read More...


Anonymous said...

They are on to something. An example I can give that drives my husby nuts is that now kids are not graded on the content of their essays but the form (ie making sure they have their paragraphs the right way or whatever) It's not about the content and what these kids think about things anymore. My third grader comes home with endless worksheets to complete and I do not like a stack of papers competing with family/play time. However ~ T is a huge individual with a strong imagination and creativity which is something that I have been making sure to encourage since birth! So while the article said a lot of things that I feel are true, I feel like they gave parents the easy out and even discounted the influence we have. "Oh, it's all the schools and goverment" Well, that's just lame. Is it more work to have a free thinking child these days? Sure! But I would hope that we are all up for the challenge.

Thanks for posting the article! =)

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The closing paragraph tells it all in my opinion. I need to say that I agree with it, and essentially the most wonderful thing about it's that you just left it open ended…this reveals that you are ready to draw in new and completely different opinions and that you're in the end very interested to see individuals getting concerned in the subject. So, any different opinions?