Friday, March 23, 2007

Papa - Wikipedia Entry

Papa can refer to:

* affectionate for father in Latin and various Romance languages
o hence, Pope in various languages
o also, Papar (Culdees), Irish monks
o many languages (often unrelated) have words with labial consonants and open vowels as their word for "father" and "mother"; /papa/ is just one example. A discussion of this phenomenon can be found in the article Mama and papa.
o some people also refer to their grandfathers as "papa".
* P in the NATO phonetic alphabet
* Papa class submarine
* pāpa in Sanskrit, the concept of sin in Hinduism
* Potato in Spanish, in some dialects slang for "food"


* Ernest Hemingway (1899–1961), nickname
* Nick "Papa" Kho, former professional pick-up artist and part owner in the pick-up and seduction company Real Social Dynamics
* Papa Bouba Diop (born 1978), a football (soccer) player from Senegal.
* Rav Papa (?-375), a Babylonian Amora from the Talmud

in mythology:

* Rangi and Papa, the primordial parents according to Māori mythology

in geography:

* Pápa, a town in Hungary
* Papa Stour

in arts and popular culture:

* Papa (drama), a South Korean drama
* Papa Lazarou, a fictional character from The League of Gentlemen.
* Papa (song), from the popular BBC film/Tv Film Gideon's Daughter.


* Professional and Amateur Pinball Association

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