Monday, March 19, 2007

An awesome discussion group I've known about for awhile now but just got around to joining. So I'm stealing their welcome letter and sharing it with ya'll. Makes me want to say: See we're not all commie-slackers, Louie! Louie is this guy who drinks across the street from my bookstore and ducks his head in to yell: "Godless Commies!" at anyone inside. This one's for you, Louie.

"Anarchist Parenting" is a forum dedicated to the sharing of practices and experiences which relate towards non-coercive parenting, child care and community support (or building such support structures) in a society in which strong emphasis is placed on hierarchy, domination and isolation of the nuclear family.

This is a place intended for the discussion of how parents and other child caregivers do and should treat and relate to children and young people, while focusing on the anarchist perspective. This forum also explores how various forms of hierarchy and domination, such as the State, capitalism and patriarchy, affect and relate to child-raising. This is also a place to exchange ideas on how to overcome the hierarchy and domination that exists in the area of parenting and child care.

Though it may touch on it, this is not specifically a forum for the discussion of schooling or educational approaches. Nor is this a forum for the discussion of anarchism or youth liberation in general.

This e-mail list exists to have an informative, respectful, and open discussion about anarchist parenting. With this being the case, it must be clear that anyone who persists in behavior contrary to this will be kicked and banned from the list. Here are some clear examples
of the behavior I am talking about:

- flaming or personally insulting other list members (including guilt-tripping others about their parenting methods)

- inhibiting a clear understanding of anarchism by continually insisting that anarchism is "pro-capitalism" or "pro-chaos".

- spamming the list with commercial advertisements
___________ You may be interested in joining some other e-mail discussion lists that are indirectly related to anarchist parenting. Some of these lists are:

The TCS List, dedicated to discussing Taking Children Seriously and it's implications. To subscribe to this list, send a message to: saying (in the body of the message)

subscribe TCS your-first-name your-last-name

then follow the instructions to confirm your subscription.

The Radical Unschoolers List, dedicated to all families who choose to radically unschool their children. To subscribe to this list, just send a blank message to:

The Anarchist Education List - "Discussion of various facets of anarchist thought as relates specifically to education." To join, send an email to: with the words: "subscribe anoked-l" in the BODY of the message.

The Anarchist Teachers list A list for anarchist and anti-authoritarian teachers, educators, schoolworkers, free skool instructors, and educational workers. You don't have to teach a class
in anarchism to join. If you teach math, but consider yourself an anarchist, please feel free to join. If you work in a school cafeteria, you can also join.

To subscribe, send an email to: with the message: "subscribe teachers" in the body of the message.

The Organise class struggle anarchist list, dedicated to discussing class struggle anarchism and related matters. To join this list, please go to: And read the Organise List Statement.

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