Sunday, February 5, 2006

lost in the social sea of downtown olympia

for a night, free from all responsibilities save those I cannot banish from the dark recesses of my partitioned brain. super bowl sunday. bob marley's birthday. i talk with steph on the phone, chatting about lyli and scarleht, rubbing a hangover from my haggard eyes. i miss her voice even though i should be used to this slightly random work schedule we have been moving through due to my self and alternative employments. but it gives me uninterrupted chunks of time to spend with my girls. Sometimes this blessing is a bit boxing but I try to find time between the chaos for myself. These moments of self-reflection become an ironing out of my latest emotional wrinkles whether they come in the form of a cigarette, splitting wood, a quick bike ride down to Pickering Passage to sit and think about the underside of bridges, toss rocks in the water and watch the Sound work her silent magics.

tomorrow lyli and scarleht and i will walk out to the mailbox, making the trek in just under 45 minutes and completely wiping them out before nap time. they are 20 months and 4 days old today and these past 2 years have been the hardest ones I have walked through to date, but also the most valuable in the sense of total sensory engagement and moral mental lessons in life, the boardgame you can't get bored of for long.


radicalshift said...

hi, my name is erik(radicalshift)
my primary partner has grown fond of her dialogue with you, and i am in appreciation of the great extended network of community support that we find in olympia. i am proud to be in community with you, and look forward to meeting you, and yours with me, and mine.
thank you for this great work that you appear to be so committed to.
regards, erik.

radicalshift said...

ps. you can find me at ,
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Libbers said...

I look back on the the first two years with makayla and i remember how at the time all i wanted was it to go fasted and now that shes almost five i have to stop and think where did the time go. Life is crazy but its a pretty good ride.