Tuesday, February 7, 2006

waiting for the plow

submitted by anonymous - if you think it would be appreciated, if not, enjoy it yourself - i wrote it right after XXXX and my separation, and it was a real healer, just thinking of it in terms of the wheel turning/natural transition.

outside, the snow flutters to the ground. crisp, frozen grass is poised for the cover. every warning has been given of inclement weather ahead. surprise is not my state of mind. inside my warm house, i am braced against the blustery cold. fall leaves, dry from the previous month, now frozen, crunch beneath the feet of visitors - come knocking to check, and cherish. well meaning company comes, and talk goes on for hours. when bundled feet leave the warmth, they bustle off through powdery fresh flakes. they are bound for other warm hearths. bulbs in the ground, now covered with dusty layers, harden off for spring blooms. unharvested onions, and garlic winter - ready to grow, and multiply when warmer air, and water comes. hot foods cook in a stove, stoked up high. a feast is laid, celebrating what was. preparations can be made for ritual. celebration-joyous pondering of things to come. practitioners set valuable intentions. speech, and prayer focused on living, and death. these are times spent waiting for the plow.

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