Thursday, March 16, 2006

i assert that our primary partnerships are the key to family success,

and even though arrangements don't all have to look the same, i am of the belief that the overall health and stability of that main bond in our lives as papas is essential. i am curious what you might have gone through/are going through in your primary relationship that has you concerned/hopeful etc. much of my relationship work i wear on my sleeves, because that is my magnum opus in my life at this time.

i am interested in what other papas are experiencing when it comes to maintaining a healthy partnership. what do you know about successes in polyamourous relationships with kids involved? what are papas most common triggers around jealousy/loss/security concerning our partners? where does getting our intimate needs met intersect family life, and busy young families? do you play footsie in the middle of the night, only to find that you wake up the 3 year old? does your partner seem like they have nothing left for you after burping babies, and doing poopy diaper laundry all day? is this true also for stay at home papas? if you are a new papa, how are you sleeping? how are you solving love life issues, and what are they?

-Erik of Radical Shift brings up a few solid questions. I think it is important that, as fathers, we learn to continually question our own feelings and thoughts and share ideas with each other in order to escape the patriarchal power dynamics that have pushed our world in poor directions. I am just learning how to do this sort of thing myself, not to mention trying to talk to others about it, shit, it's hard enough to just have these thoughts alone. As for your questions, the only thing I know about polyamorous relationships is that they end up hurting more than just two people. Not that I find monogamy any more appealing... I'm actually dredging up my childhood love of the whole monk-in-high-snows/hermit-in-deep-woods lifestyle. Your other questions require more deliberation. - Sky

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