Saturday, March 4, 2006

sky - thanks for your blogging. i really enjoy coming into contact with folks who care, and are trying to improve things. i like michael(tiger in my tree), and have been following his posts. i see a lot of possibility in the greater community. we are all one. i appreciate the opportunity to contribute writing to the common good of expression. as we share from ourselves, the possibilities we share grow, and become more viable and real. goodwill spreads like a disease. the infection kills resignation, and complacency. namaste


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MaGreen said...

hi sky,

it's miah from green parenting. raj & I are swamped until I take this major exam Mar 20...i was hoping you might want to post a guest post sometime? if you do, just send it on & i'll upload it. my email is fauxmail at sbcglobal dot net