Tuesday, November 14, 2006

“dear mr. _________________, you are not my father, please stop writing me letters.”

It’s hard to be a single parent in this incestual, sexy, alcoholic, uber-social setting of Olympia. It’s hard to have one night stands when all you have are single nights chopped up over weeks and so many friends to see and social obligations you'd rather not have. You aren’t supposed to care about one night stands, but what about when that’s all you’ve got? How do you get to know someone before they get to know someone else better? They pretty much have to be addicted to you from the get-go for it to have any chance at success and the odds of that happening don’t make me overly hopeful.

It’s hard to kiss someone and then not see them for a week or more and try to hold onto the hope that they still think of you, even though time must move so much quicker for one of their breed (versus us breeders).

Love a thousand miles away that feels as close as yesterday,
love next door that does not stay, instead a thousand miles away.

I bless the fire with wine and forget all my lines.
Ashes smudge the keyboard as I juggle emotional stones in this glass house of a heart.

“They told me I couldn’t see my daughter again until I stopped shooting smack, my husband cleaned up before I did and took care of our girl for a year and a half while I was in rehab. Now everything’s fine, we’re just flat broke.”


punkelf said...

Luke, I am your father... come to the
aw nevermind...

yeah please drop all that detritus by the cabin if you please Senor Cosby.

Anonymous said...

I think of you.

Anonymous said...

I feel constantly that there is no time for me to find people who will to go the extra mile it takes to be my friend. In a world where at my age most people are going out and staying out for nights on end. Where most can devote their moments to the whims of the moment my time is spent looking after two little girls and being my friend means making plans days in advance or coming to me to be together. I no longer have the option to go to them. And with that I find myself alone more often then not.