Friday, November 10, 2006

Magic Bottle

Lifted from my roomie Eamon's livejournal...

Yesterday, I was watching the twins while Sky was grabbing us some food. I was working on the computer, so the girls came over and commandeered my lap as usual. Scarleht grabbed this little corked bottle off the desk. Sky had given it to her to play with the other day because she was jealous of her sister's sparkly wand. He told her it was a magic bottle. This time, I told her it was a magic bottle with a song living in it.
"Nooooo," she says.
"Oh, yes," says I.
"Open it and see..."
She uncorked it and I began to sing twinkle twinkle little star, as they are currently obsessed with the song. They run around the living room chanting "Tinko, tinko, diamon tar!" over and over. It's really cute and a little irritating after an hour. I got about three words into the song and she slammed the cork back on the bottle, so I immediately stopped. She opened it, I started from the beginning. She would alternate long openings and short, and I'd start from the beginning every time. (Lyli just sat and watched all of this.) Finally, Scarleht held it open until I finished the song. We sat there in silence for a few seconds, then Scarleht demanded, "Moh song!"
"No more song honey, it all got out."
"All gone!" says Lyli with a scrunch nose grin.
"We'll have to wander around and look for the song, now."
The girls quickly slipped off my lap and looked at the ceiling. It was funny to see them actually looking for the song. We walked around the living room for a minute before I told Scarleht to bring me the bottle. I gnashed my teeth in the air and made strange noises and let slip a word or two of the song before gnashing more. Then, as the girls gazed in wonder, I spit the song into the bottle and corked it fast. I handed the bottle back to Scarleht who stared into the glass.
She held it up and said, "Tinko tinko, Unko Eamon."
"Twinkle twinkle, little star," I replied.
And now I have to sing a song everytime she brings me her bottle.

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