Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Little Yogi kit gives kids an early start at calming down

Thanks Baby Gadget! Even though this is mostly made from petroleum products, the intention is pure.

One of the biggest challenges with children can be trying to teach them to calm down. Sometimes Luke and Ivy can get so excited about something they just flip out and lose control. Yoga is good for this sort of thing, but how does one get the little ones interested in something that may at first seem boring? I was excited to see someone actually has a product for this: the Little Yogis Kit gives them a sense of ownership over their yoga experience, and everything is easily understood and attractive to children.

The kit comes with stickers, a mat, a poster, a video, and also a tote bag so the kids can carry the whole thing with them. I like the idea of getting them interested in yoga at a young age, and this package is well-rounded and includes a lot of stuff to get the kids jazzed about their new activity. This is a hobby that could last for the rest of their lives, and it's also something you can do together.

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Sara said...

I just picked up a kids' yoga DVD this evening. When I first saw the videos, I'd thought my daughter wouldn't be interested, but she hugged those videos all the way home and wanted to do them immediately.