Thursday, January 11, 2007

A note from David Steinberg!

Hi Sky,

I happened across your blog post about Fatherjournal and thought I'd drop you a line. Glad to hear you're finding the book interesting.

You ask about times Change Press which is more or less defunct, was bought by Michael Sherick in Sebastopol, CA some years ago. I think they've run out of copies of Fatherjournal, but I have copies on hand if you know anyone who's interested in getting a copy.

For the record, Dylan is now 35, married, living in Philadelphia, starting a second career as a lawyer. My life has moved in many directions since I wrote Fatherjournal so long ago, mostly related these days to sex as a political issue. I have written a column on sex and gender issues for 15 years, and am now involved in what I have dubbed fine art sexual photography. More on all that, if you're interested, at my website --

Good luck with your blog. I certainly like the topic...

take care,

Thanks for the words David, I am honored that you like this site and look forward to corresponding with you in the future.

This note is in reference to a series of posts of mine from about a year ago. My dad had just given me a copy of David's book Fatherjournal and it pretty much saved me. Peruse said past posts here:

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Jason said...

I love resolutions like this. I got happy reading the letter. By the way, thank you for posting the Toddler/Parent dance flyer!