Saturday, January 20, 2007

what my friend crystal does

Yeah, so this is what my awesome friend is busy doing while we're whittling away in our little corners... please support her in her amazing endeavors and visit these sites. Screw the Red Cross, find a real charity and stick by it.

"the world is a vastly fucked up place. anyone with at least one brain cell knows that. but it takes a few more to realize that WE can change it. so that's what i do.

i have the privledge to save the world. and i get paid to do it. i am part of the most fortunate group of people on this planet, and i am thankful for that everyday.

developing counrties need some dire assistance right now. and i am not talking about a hand out, or something else that just ends up perpetuating the problem. i am talking about giving to SOUND charities that are empowering to these people and are souly focused on sustainability. and almost everyone can be that aide, and if you ask me, everyone has the responsibility to. and yes, this means you.

check out these organizations. and if you haven't yet, sponsor a child. and not from the guy with the white beard on the infomercials. do it through me. do it because it is our duty and our joy as human-fucking-beings.

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