Thursday, January 11, 2007

Radical Caroling from the Boston Anarchist Collective, BAAM

For the third year running, local Boston holiday shoppers have been entertained by selections from the Radical Carols Songbook, from favorites like 'away in a sweatshop' to 'song for the one percent.' BAAM began the caroling season by going out Friday, December 12th. The group was in high spirits and was even able to convince a few passerbys to join in the festivities. Then a week later, two representatives of the BAAM Radical Choir stepped into a studio at MIT's WMBR 88.1 FM to record an hour long set for Dave Goodman from the Independent Broadcast Information Service. Segments will be played on the air and a CD copy will be available soon! Look for it on our information table. Everyone is encouraged to print out the songbook and head off to make their own radical caroling adventure!
Radical Caroling Songbook

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