Tuesday, October 24, 2006

limping the volvo

...across the state yesterday, damn good thing we left when we did, what with a dead battery and a fauly alternator. a series of charges and jumps and we make Rob's by dusk with no headlights to speak of or shine. miss my girls something sweet. currently waiting for steph-o to swing by the bookshop with 'em in tow. the next few weeks will be spent primarily at the farm slogging through mountains of books, playing with toddlers and getting some semblance of a winter garden in place. this keyboard is sticky from too much beer so please forgive any typos.

good to see me ma and pa. been awhile since I was in Eastern Wash two weekends in a row. My lungs will be recovering for days [curse you dry dry dust!]. Patched things up with the madre, got a bit of work done in padre's dusty gold mine, sneezing in between marvelous literary discoveries, absconding to the brew pub for beer and games one and two of the world series, oh silly sport of my youth, on which so much used to depend.

first crack of sun through the morning clouds and then gone again, like so many days.
preparing for my wild and crazy crew to descend upon our fair city this week/end. what tales do we hold in store for each other? ashley will get to spend some time with the girls for the first time ay-ver [to quote some dirty hippy]. excited about that slice of the pie. will report back when she freaks out over their levels of adorableness.

an idle tuesday so far, but storms are brewing. soon the dash begins, to empire and all realms outwards.