Thursday, December 22, 2005

back across the state in our rented cadillac tomorrow morning
to yakima and barns of books and printing equipment!
then on to olympia.

it has been fun here, though stressful. i am tired from working on so many books with so little time. grandparents are great when they're around and not stressing. the girls have been very receptive to them this trip. if one of them is in the room my job is done as they virtually ignore me and spend all their time with my parents. They are starting to call my Dad 'poppy' and my mom wants to be called 'gramma.' i'm glad they get to spend some time together, it makes my parents very happy for a short period of time before they slip back into their haze of routine.

a brief respite tomorrow night and then x-mas eve at Last Word with Rob. steph resigned her americorps job today so we're gonna figure a few new things out over the next month. adios.

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