Wednesday, December 28, 2005

A new way of doing things

will grace our doorstep next week as Steph leaves her Americorps job (woo hoo!) and my days as full time domesticated papa change into more of a 3/4 time work-at-home papa. Hopefully it will be a welcome change and one that will ease the pressures paining Stephanie and me. If there is one thing that becoming a parent teaches you it is that things are constantly changing and just when you've settled into one rhythm it's time to leave for the next or some little detail changes and the rest of your world rocks, a little paper boat in a pond that looks like the ocean.


Amos said...

I long to leave this corner of the state and stressful non-profit behind to curl up closer to my beloved and ease the tension that keeps me wakeful at three a.m.

May your new rhythms ripple the waters gently, moving your little paper boat to waters that warm and inspire you both.

rauer said...

I love you sky

rauer said...

okay... I was just checkin to see if it would work or not...what was my thought. I know that you and step are working through some really tough times and that you both need your SPACE for rest, reflection etc. I guess all I can say is remember why you you wanted to be with stephanie in the first place, in times of insane frustration and fatigue, loss of patience and feel at the end of your rope, remember that despite it all you are with someone you love and who loves you and that you are fortunate to be raising your beautiful children together. That you have the ability to transcend your frustration and try to address one another with care and love, to not reduce your coments to aweful sarcasim, hurting you and who you are speaking to.
When it is all said and done you still have eachother to rely on and you both are very strong and capable people who I love and have faith in being the best they can be and that is all you can do.

Remember that you will never be perfect...the perfect parent does not exhist even though we may think and try to be THAT PERFECT parent. Its unatainable. You are great in your own right and I love you. You will pull through and reorganize your lives in a way that will benefit all loved ones conerned. I miss you!

Amos said...

A new year....

I hope many for you.

and joy.