Wednesday, December 14, 2005

If anyone reading this blog happens to know of some solid alternative anger management or anarchist anger management exercises or resources please let this troubled administrator know. even the home lives of the most stable families appear more stable than they are. like a river, beneath the surface lies tumultuous currents. and even the strongest need help every now and then.


Amos said...

I'll do a little research here. Personally, my experience in anger management is with slightly older little ones. I'll see what I can come up with.

Thanks for your comment~it was nice to know that someone was reading.

sky said...

actually i meant anger management for the parental units... but that would be nice as well, though i seem to have that side of things under better control.

Amos said...

I prefer jogging, drumming until my hands go numb, yoga in a quiet place (which is, I'm sure, out of the question), and a good old fashioned 'time out' (for me).

I've got a few books on the subject of anger management. I'll dig up the titles for you.

At the moment, I'm dealing with the sadness and suspicion problems myself... winter and long distance love affairs you know?

Oh yes, and pie. Pie ALWAYS helps.