Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Translating for mama and other tales of trying times

Spending the bulk of time with our girls has made me somewhat of a resident expert on their indiosyncratic language traits and signs and squeals and sounds. I even have to act as interpreter for Stephanie from time to time and have been unsure as to how to approach this. I don't want to be nit-picky and butt in every time she doesn't understand what they're trying to convey but what am I supposed to do? I know the answer to the problem and can solve the tension with a few words but I feel like Steph needs to build her own understanding and relationship with them. But then it starts driving me subliminally crazy and I end up just blurting out the translation in the form of an almost-order sometimes: "I think she needs a diaper change honey." We only say honey when we're mad or dripping with sarcasm. So oh well, playing catch-up is a part of life when you have to sacrifice one thing to gain another. And we all learn our lessons the hard way sometimes, walking a path before we realize we don't belong there.

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Libbers said...

Being a stay at home mother who's husband is there only 30% of the time. I find that I too am having to be the interpiter for my girls. The frustation of being alone in their babble hurts even more because that babble is the only conversation i have all day.
I have no tact for keeping my mouth shout and correcting my husband but at times I feel like I shouldn't have that tact because yes they are gone all day working but they still have these children and that mean having to spend some real time working on understanding them. For the one that has to work, the job is even harder because they need to remember that their work doesn't end the moment they come home. The real work just begain.