Thursday, December 22, 2005

finding another ship in a storm

is comforting. but yer still in the storm matey.

my friend and fellow parent libby came over this evening with her two girls: Makayla (age four) and Emily (18 months). we had a marvelous time talking shop/home/parenting and politics and life and our humble distant walla walla pasts. we were never incredibly close friends growing up here in this backwoods farm town with a libertarian kick but i feel like now that we share this most common of grounds there lies a lot of opportunity. readers of this dear blog may visit Libby's online presence via Being Mommy where she does a fine job navigating the rough waters of being a live-at-home mama and a military wife. cheers libs. let's take this storm head on, batten down the hatches, break out the spiced rum and save the best stories for fifty years from now.

Being Mommy is now Diary of an Air Force Wife...

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Libbers said...

There is no other family i would rather travel though the strom with then yours. Thank you for welcoming me in to your home and giving me a great memory for later.