Thursday, July 27, 2006

an antithetical serum

Heather comes and hangs out at the farm for a few hours, walking and talking and playing with girls. we talk of: memes and greek gods and tales of Hestia, Dionysus, Demeter, the integration of metaphors, the rhythm of the seasons, turning over of the earth, the reemerrgence of old ideas to solve contemporary problems, the offering of food, radical family structures for the 21st century, polyamory vs monogamy, how and why we hurt the ones we love, tiny potatoes, education, fresh basil, the beauties, mysteries and pitfalls of having children, her perspective from ten years of motherhood under the belt, the constant juggling of time, money, schedules, cars, school, work, hearts, brains.

we smoke and i tell her of my visions lately of the systems of biodiversity in ecological borderlands superrimposed over sociological geographies... sorry... I don't really have the correct vocabulary to articulate the things inside my head but here's the downlow: In nature, the areas where two extreme bioregions meet often mark a spike of increased biodiversity. I postulate that the same thing happens in cities. Look where we find the most colorful examples of culture, the community art studios, the bad-ass nonprofits - predominately in urban areas where you have two extreme economies or classes or a mix of ethnicities colliding in a contained shared space, a downtown, an old tenament housing/post-industrial distict, the spaces within our societies where heaven and hell conspire together to create the solutions of the future, and then the problems for that future. The cosmic consciousness melting pot from which our weapons and woes will be forged.

This idea recently took on an even more heightened significance for me with the advent of my urban adventures. I bring the woods into the city and the city into the woods, attempt to create harmony between them in my own head, learning more from the juxtaposition of supposed opposites than from the study of either extreme by itself as well as acting to dispell biased dualisms which, unchecked, result in racism, sexism, and the other isms that helped get us where we are. I guess that's what we really need, a new set of isms, a fresh set of spell words to wield against our enemies and craft our poetry. But I guess that's also what we're already doing, reclaiming language, digging up the bones of the old words and worlds and bestowing upon them new meaning. I didn't just drop acid and I'll swear at/to any God you want.

outside the sun is shining
the weeds need to be pulled

i correlate the nothingness of yardwork with the howling tempest betwixt my temples and delight in Kundera's unbearable lightness of being. Is awareness a burden or a blessing? or both?

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Dida said...

Intersting idea. Makes total sense. Take the West Bank in Minneapolis where the University of Minnesota students mix with government housing. Crazy co-op coffee shop run by street punks, underground book store and a general atmosphere of social upheaval.

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