Friday, July 14, 2006

maps describe themselves

Eight months now Pirate Papa has been up and running. Everyday the dork in me google earth's all my new visitors and tacks them up
on my digital map 'o the world. I'm getting 5-20 hits a day from all over the globe, mostly inside the United States. An odd feeling, to
be sure, having an effect with ones words on an audience totally unknown but for bread crumb comments and scattered feedback. I have made
friends with a solid dozen activist parents across the country, gotten mediocre feedback and support from my local community and spent
many hours writing and surfing the net researching something I never gave two bits about before it happened to me. The disconnect is strange,
almost as if I sacrificed my local support network for a more global model. Now the world of parenting has consumed my waking hours and
changed me on a fundamental level into a creature capable of tackling the new dawn. In the last eight months my relationship with my partner
Stephanie has crumbled and reshaped itself. We are no longer living together but are trying to fashion some sort of cooperative holistic
rearing situation in the face of this land of alimony, child support, absentee fathers, proxy parents, teletubbies, ADD and massive sugar
intake. It is very hard to live this life that the world around you does not cater to, in fact denies and devalues and sweeps under several
rugs and makes next-to-impossible to maintain. It is very hard to try to collect several lives inside one perfect painting and sometimes
the lives you end up with are not the ones you started with... crews change I guess is what I'm trying to say, rules and boundaries
evolve, treasure troves are plundered, hearts are broken, maps describe themselves, planks are walked, even on the most lawful of pirate ships.


Amos said...

yar to that.

JoAnn said...

Perhaps this will amount to more than mere crumbs...we shall see.
Thanks for your posts. I idscovered your blog a couple of months ago. Each time I read more I consider making some comment, but until now, have not. Haven't known what to say. NOt wanting to just say something to the effect of "yeah. That's cool." You know?
ANyhow.Your posts are appreciated. It is...I am attempting to find words more accurate than comforting/soothing to describe...anyhow, it is refreshing to read opinions with which I jive. I am not a parent. I've had some brushes with the possibility, but as of yet parenthood has not manifested as a role in which I star. Perhaps one day I will be. I would like for it to be, though I debate with myself the selfishness/wiseness of such a choice considering the current state of the world. But I do have hope that something can be done so that we might like in harmony with the Earth rather than being eaten by it.
I am coming to realize that I need to find greater ways to participate in the harmony, find community. I found your comment that you had perhaps sacrificed your local community for a global one to be something I can relate to. In my desire to have a community to which I can empathize I often feel as if I must move (to that elusive) somewhere. Move? To find community?? An oxymoron considering that I am surrounded by people. Then I get to thinkning about 'how do I build that community where I am?" when I find myself to be so dissatisfied with those who are most readily available. Perhaps my standards are too high, though I think not. I just feel like they're a bit more evolved than those of the individuals I know who are content to continue on in the ways in which they were raised. Perhaps I must be better at integrating my ideas/ideals with the reality that surrounds me.
Anyhow...I could go on at length, though I might just talk myself in a circle.
Your eloquent posts of your discoveries, challenges, musings and so forth are like a breath of fresh air to me. Thank you.

MaGreen said...

go, sky!