Wednesday, July 26, 2006

So Close

A popular blog written by an ex-infertile, wine drinking mother of twins living in South Africa. From boobs to botox, from babies to books; no subject is too big.

Also check out: The Other Side of Straight - "a gay man in a red state in rural midwest America. I am in a partnered relationship and a dad of 3 wonderful kids." Unfortunately this morning also marked the decision by the State Supreme Court to uphold the 1998 ban on gay marriage. But they did have the decency to say that the people have the right to redefine the definition of marriage using the initiative process. Well duh. We can supposedly do virtually anything we want using the initiative process, right? As long as enough of us want that change to take place.

Too cool! Can't believe I just found these sites. Wish I had more time to screw around online... of course, I could just wake up at 2:30 every morning and sit around for 3 hours before even starting my incredibly long days.

Tried to read the news today but I can't. Maybe Castro knew what was up and we should all arm ourselves to the teeth.

Uhhh... in other BREAKING NEWS FOR FATHERS The San Fran Chronicle posted a story last Sunday on the stay-at-home dad trend disspelling many myths accepted by the masses until recently. Bravo for big-time coverage, this kicks ass! From the article:

...The stereotype from the 1983 movie "Mr. Mom" -- a clueless father who tries to feed the baby chili and hangs out with desperate housewives -- officially became outdated more than a decade ago. The last U.S. Census, in 2002, reported 189,000 stay-at-home dads, a figure that many fathers say is deceptive because the government definition excludes a lot of dads on technicalities.

As the demographic grows and the raising-children-is-women's-work stigma subsides, most stay-at-home fathers will tell you their job isn't a novelty anymore. But even though there are a great many similarities between moms and dads who raise children full time, there are also some qualities that set daddies apart...

...some dads describe an eerie feeling similar to missing a flight and then meeting the love of your life in the airport bar -- knowing if they had followed their traditional gender role, or let someone else take care of their children, they would have missed out on the greatest experience of their lives.
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and there's a Stay-At-Home Dad's Conference November 11th, 2006. Evidently it's the 11th annual one, held in Kansas City, Missouri. Sweet. Maybe Pirate Papa can check that out one of these years.

Props to Rebel Dad for the last two links and Raj at Green Parenting for the first two. Keep it rockin Papas.

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Scotty said...

Hey there. Thanks for the link to my blog. I appreciate the love. Always good to find other dads on line!