Thursday, July 27, 2006

Talking with Toddlers, Grergory Corso, Gay Dads, Twilight and Early Bedtimes

Usually my little ladies go to sleep between 8:30 and 9pm when they stay with me, sometimes we have late night dance parties or special ocassions of course but I try to keep it fairly regular. Tonight they were just worn out and wanted to go to sleep around 7:15, signing "nap" or "sleep" (cheek resting on palm, head tipped to one side) and fell right off to sleep sail upon hitting the mattress. So papa got to enjoy the onset of evening alone for a night. Still not completely dark here until 10 something so I go out and garden after the girls nod off if I feel like braving the clouds of mosquitos.

Revamped and updated the links section today (read: inadvertantly erased it and had to make a new one), sorry to those sites that I couldn't retrieve. If you happen to notice just e-mail me and I'll toss you back up. I think I got almost all of the sites linked to mine at least. Found a few more excellent gay father blogs, Guy Dads, My Confessions, and Letters for Zac. Rick over at Talking with Toddlers has some cool ideas about using uTube for child speech analysis over the internet and a couple videos of a little tyke signing and a woman speaking on the benefits of teaching sign to children. Cool stuff.

Found a Gregory Corso poem today that struck some sort of nerve... disturbing for it's snapshot quality, it's freeze-frame of masculinity in the 1950s, and it's implications now. I wonder what you all think?

She Doesn't Know He Thinks He's God

He is God
John Rasin is God
He stands by the window smiling
watching a child walk by
'I am God!' he screams. He knows

His wife taps him on the shoulder
'John the baby is sick will die
His fever is up. Get a doctor.'

John Rasin stands as though he were dead
with the health and freshness of life
exaggerated in his deathness
He stands a man stunned with the realization
That he's God. He is God!

His wife pleads screams stamps the floor
pounds her fists against the wall
'John the baby will die!'

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