Sunday, July 23, 2006

Piano Babies, Moo Cows, Bee Stings, and Zines

how many cows lyli?

won! too! phive cow-ows!

let's see if this u-tube stuff really works, this was from a few days ago:


first bee sting today for Lyli
on the foot too, ouch!
baking soda and water and hugs
i was worried about her falling asleep
'cause it was right before nap time and
she immediately got drowsy but I riled her back up
iced her foot and she stopped crying and was walking on it again in minutes.

whew. reading about anaphylactic shock is no fun. at least we got to watch H. Rietta (our chicken) devour the bumblebee immediately after we took care of Lyli's foot. That's actually what made her stop crying at first was talking about the chicken eating the bee.

gorgeous and green here today despite the heat, need to water the garden once it's in the shade. nice adventure in olytown last night, saw the baby mama at the bar for the first time in ages, awkwardly cool vibes and some productive chatter.

argued with my mother this morning and she left for a few days
she's been visiting and helping me out this past month for those of you just tuning in but it's beginning to wear on me a bit, as parents tend to do to the wits of their offspring (and vice versa) after prolonged exposure.

drafting the first physical pirate papa zine for the Portland 'Zine Symposium august 11-13. will be adopting Rad Dad's table at the conference along with China Martens, gypsy-punk author of The Future Generation and counter-culture-mama-pioneer-guru. Google her ass, you'll find all sorts of cool stuff.

so if you're a parent or know some in the northwest or even if you're not a parent and even if you're not in the northwest (shame on you) you should come check out the Symposium. good folk to be sure. come look us up. we're gonna kick ass.

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Anonymous said...


thats me! and your making a zine! Yay Yay , I love your writing and now it will be a real thing to hold in hand, i'm so into zines, you can hand them out, they can travel.. in a different way than blogs.

i really want to put out a new issue of my zine too, to bring. but its so unrealistic, I'm still finishing up on last book edits and killing myself actually, in that department.

but yea, I want to make a zine too. maybe I will. completey unrealistic. but wonderful.