Monday, July 10, 2006

misery is company

i miss my daughters and my love who is moving on much better than i

it seems

my hollow heart echoes in my head
resounding within caverns of self-consciousness
i try to take myself apart
hoping there is something left inside

my fingers have fiddled with guitar strings again
my writing creeps back
i try to keep my hands busy so they don't distract my mouth with beer

downtown drains me
carcass at dawn
but oh, the water


St. Marie said...

The Spring

Oh how the water stays,
but who knows when love will

no liquid can fill
caverns so deep wide and many
as those of heartbrache

a new wake may wash over the shore
but oh,
to descend so deep
a mountain made mannered
as to dry tides of weep

sing rivers to sleep
I seek

foundry lays heavy beneath
an assundering sea
for that Ive found fondly of
if such solvent affords her

I trade swords for treasure
wide winds for
warm weather

Im better off wandering
wondering out the storm
than waiting wet
on the the shore
baiting blessing forevermore

Amos said...

"There, among the bracken: berries." my grandfather used to say to me when I was sad. I would look at him in anger, staring down his riddles, and he would smile, and pass a small blue dish of butterscotch candies or a handful of whatever was ripe in grandmother's garden... and smile again. and repeat his words.

I understand now, and still look with a sense of mixed sentimentallity and anger. but I understand now... He meant that I had earned my grief, and with it: my hope.

... whatever that thought is worth to you ...