Thursday, July 20, 2006


dancing in the you,

in these realms we inhabit with eons of protocol bred into our very cells, awkwardness is a constant state of being. it seems at times as though an entire day, week, lifetime can be spent just trying to say the right thing once.

then come the times were the words were right and the presentation wrong, causing the need for entirely new word arrangements.

is revealing art [before it's completed(?)] really a safe thing to do? with neccesity come risk, and risk can be quite sweet even when you lose something. fear of loss can equate to pleasure as action can equate to stillness. kinetic energy and potential energy are both still sources of power.

awkwardness is the fear of loss, that fear that what path you follow may drop away without warning at one sudden mistep. calculating guides reach far and past, a sudden glance can change the whole equation.

the glance may define. the path may drop. when one path is lost another will always appear and the cycle is repeated perhaps?

so long as the sun rises and sets in ones heart there is progress and perpetual opportunity for self guidance.

hand in hand we self guided creatures seek both self and the multiplicity of companionship. the awkward realization is that we self guided creatures guide each other like great flocks of birds or enveloping schools of fish.

the sharks of doubt may hunt, the clouds of regret may fog, but hand in hand many is one and one will always be as strong as the bonds that hold within.

atom to atom. soul to soul.

you've got some brilliant colors yourself mister. sorry i didn't make it to the crescent, school yadda yadda. do you have return plans? tool?

i would like to hold your hand.

thank you for reaching to me.

love likes pieces like us,

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