Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I already have kids, next I want Robots

"I have my books and my poetry to protect me." - Paul Simon
"Show me a hero and I will write you a tragedy." - F. Scott Fitzgerald

"ee-oh pol shu awn" - scarleht
the heel is where you pull the shoe on

"poo koo" - lyli

lyli thinks her toy pianos are different kinds of poo-koos.

"Pai-Tee" - lyli

They both said Pirate Papa yesterday! I rule. Let's see, what else... oh, so Lyli made it into the backyard due to their newfound ability to cruise at the speed of now (when I say now, they go the opposite direction). anyway, there she was in the backyard (read: place of the occasional piece of broken glass, rusty nail and five foot thistles) standing beneath said thistle and I turned the corner and said something like: "Urkkkknnnnnooooooooooooohhhhhhhh! That flower will hurt you!" Lyli looked up horrified and immediately signed hurt (this is the part where you tap your index fingers together in front of you or go and learn ASL) while doing her little thing for flower (which is a kiss - long but incredibly cute story) and thus "hurt-flowers" were born. Then Scarleht and Lyli sat in the living room for 15 minutes and lectured each other extensively on the proper usage of the word and sign "please" - fascinating, wish I had been spying better with the digital but that one will live in my head forever anyway.

Been working tirelessly whenever I can on Pirate Papa, planning a trip to Seattle this weekend for my birthday and to reunite with my childhood friend unseen in ten odd (tell me about it) years, hoping he really is a jack mormon 'cause I'd like to buy him some. Tomorrow super-mama-to-three Heather will come and visit us at the farm and we will play with girls, talk about all sorts of strange things I'm sure, smoke, walk, share stories. Stay tuned, will post re: topics of discussion tomorrow night if I have time. Thursday is bookstore/Olympia day I think. Friday we will be visited by guitar virtuoso Trevor Larkin, another old friend from Walla Walla I haven't seen in 6 years now. Check back on his site later, it's not really up I just wanted to get it out there early. This is all new to me since Lyli and Scarleht's birth, being this social. I like it but it also wears me out in ways that my chainsaw can't. Then next week who knows? Getting ready for kick ass Portland adventure with China in a few weeks.

My girls, you're just like the heavens
Not a soul to take your hand in theirs
Your tears and wild constellations
Broad limbs and hard folding chairs

But there's millions to count you and keep you
And lovers that don't understand
Don't let them tell you you're nothing
'Cause you'll change the world pretty girls

Come chain yourself from my ankles
You'll see the world like a bird
Diving down low, flying up high
Thru all of these saccharine gutters we'll ride and I

Won't say that I told you so

From "Pretty Girls" by Neko Case

and this is just too funny:

"if you have rejected some of the Baby Industrial Complex's relentless propaganda and have NOT bought something major, and you're pleased with your non-purchase--and you're not saving the secret for your upcoming Real Simple Parenting DVD series, available at Amazon for $49.95--tell us what it is, so we can not buy it, too." from a post I missed awhile back from Daddy Types

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