Friday, September 8, 2006

another link in the chain

i listen to pears drop into the tall grass beneath the east orchard
i can almost smell the thin wisps of buttermilk clouds as the moon cuts through them, her dusty harvest yellow edge round and full and sharp against this midnight blue

links of the day, a bit more political than I usually post on this blog but I wanted to liven things up a bit and piss a few people off:
Caiman Bedtime Story from Olympia! - How punk is this?

Diamond Companies Lie, attempt to bolster image in the face of increasing criticism. Oh, and fuck all you people with diamond wedding and engagement rings, I hope you enjoy having the blood of innocent people wrapped around your finger to symbolize your imperialistic, priviliged "union".

Go Oly Anti-War Activists!

How to protect your children from the deranged killer monster Olympia raccoons. (This is not a joke.)

The CIA, Guantanamo, & Bush's tiny truths - or, why the fuck don't people pay attention the first time horrible things happen?

Secret History of the CIA & Guatemala: 1952-1954

70% of 9-11 Responders Suffer Lung Ailments - or, tell me again how absolutely safe it was and how absolutely necessary it was to re-open Wall Street. Tell me again how illegal it is to tamper with a crime scene (read: cleaning the entire thing up and selling the scrap to China). Go to hell Uncle Sam.

Parents demand speed for their kids - This one's scary as all get-out.

little article on the benefits of a bilingual upbringing

The The Juvenilizing Evolution of Mickey Mouse - This one kicks ass.

'Flat-Daddy' Cut-Outs for Military Families - OH...MY...GOD...

Childbirth in Rural Ethiopia

Don't want kids? Crank up that heated seat and toast those little spermies!

A Mama Blogs in Rafah!!! Yes!

Anarchist FAQ on Crime, Police & Prisons

Anarchist Economics for the 21st Century

Abolish CPS Blog - interesting...

Fatherhood Statistics:
Divorce & Fatherhood Stats

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