Saturday, September 2, 2006

I made some things that are growing eyebrows

and it flabbergasts me daily. Lyli and Scarleht's vocabulary is increasing exponentially, I can watch the little language gears interlock and evolve on a microcosmic level. Every few days right now my girls will add another simple word to a simple thought, slowly, slowly making it not that simple anymore. They say good morning to me all the time now, even when they wake up from their afternoon nap. Lyli and I were sitting on our respective potties this morning and she pointed and said "toy-et pay-puh bum papa" (no that doesn't mean she wants to TP her bum of a father)... then a few seconds later she shot her eyes to the left, grinned and said "wype".

My girls got up as I was going to bed (five am), so I squeek through today with a scant two hours of cuddled, fuddled sleep. On the plus side they go down for a nap at 11 am! Strange cycles.

My father comes to hang out with the girls and I tomorrow in Olympia and then party with Rob and Eamon and I perhaps? Time shall tell. She always does, that bitch.

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ryan said...

how come you go to bed so late/early? thats crazy, i respect a man that is crazy.