Friday, September 22, 2006

links, shits, comix, eighteenth century midget poetry and wildlife drunk on rotten pears

last night scarleht naked standing in the brisk air saying "goo-night sun"
before bedtime i am informed by twin mouths that the fire is sleeping

this morning after cereal and scramble
taking a dump in my bathroom in the dark perusing canadian pornographic beaver comix and playing footsie with four tiny feet

abandon self-consciousness that my aunt reads my blog, for it's a cool, cruel, crude world

british techno-pop over daily blogging routine
coyotes and deer in my orchard harmoniously eating the fallen pears I watch drop over the course of the day

reading My Name is Rachel Corrie, an Incredible Hulk comic book (that quite frankly sucks, the old stuff was great but this new storyline blows), and flicking my mind across Alexander Pope's incredible poetry (even though he was only four feet tall).

some links for y'all:

Gene-Engineered Food
Duh, cell phones eat holes in your brain and give you CANCER
Average American home has more televisions than people
What getting emergency contraception is like
Flouride delays eruption of new teeth!
Custom I-pod baby stroller - give me a fuckin' break
Teaching the kid her NBCs - the glories of our corporate culture
Rainbow Babies - resource for LGBT parents and parents to be

More from one radical papa's internet-mining as soon as my computer stops overheating.

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