Friday, September 8, 2006

with all this real I'm keeping

I urinate off my porch, therefore I am.

Laid back consistently intermittant work day. I clean house apathetically and put a box of books online. 3 sales of books I put on last night! Nice turnover. Makes me feel productive, justified, worth my while-salt.

We invent a game whereupon we blow on each other's faces. Mass giggles abound.

I feel the need to make some good food, having been so busy as of late to have only the energy necessary to whip up mediocre sustenance. Maybe a bath and a good meal while my ladies snooze today. Neck's still sore from wrestling Rob.

Little pears on the trees outside, tiny apples. Overcast today, morning chilled. I glance at my hewlett-packard printer atop my woodstove...the cardboard boxes of books ringing it's metal and tile framed burn-belly... gonna have to do somethin' about that soon.

So many things that need to be done and I have so little energy with which to do them all. I focus on getting the daily standards done, forget to put the chicken away half the time, partition off little bits of myself for future little work binges, lay fence around my mindscape to delineate between sanity and art, cordon off the wild from the responsible, too late, for already they mate and mingle in elysian pastoral pastures.

Freezing trays of blackberries all day, still only got a fraction of them off the bushes. Maybe another good haul left on one of our heroic trips to the mailbox. Need to get a cover crop on my tilled soils here before it gets too late. I think I'll name my garden's wing and prayer.

Almost time for a glass of wine and a book in the bathtub. Just found a nice title Aquaerotica, it's even waterproof. And another: The Erotic Field Guide to the Outdoors. Entertaining, better written than those stupid Penthouse forums, that's for sure. Who gasps last? That's what it really comes down to.

Eamon and my daughters goofin' up a given afternoon.

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punkelf said...

dude that picture is my new desktop.
Maybe it will keep me from looking at so much porn!

Just kidding.