Friday, September 29, 2006

I keep pouring myself in but the vessel never fills up, or, this is my own goddamn etymology

designed to contain something
or hold an infused quality such as grace
or bear one across a body made of water
or convey and circulate that body's fluids through a vast complex network of tubes, canals, arteries, to an unknown destination

a cask, bottle, kettle, cup or a skull used for a bowl
a child of light, vessel of the lord
a hollow utensil used for pouring

from the ancient uas, root of vase
an empty vase made of light material will float, hence the ship connotation

dwelling on the sheer number of souls I fell in love with this week
the walk of one, talk of another troubles
but a few combine to steal my smittens
and now my hands grow cold
with the thought of wintering too many tables of contents

i try to write about my soul from the inside out but my skin keeps getting in the way, a vellum upon which my spleen conducts its orchestra of mirth, oh holy organ which never ceases to make noise! oh cacaphony of spirit, capricious sunrise! mine humble eyes repent, gaze penitent but persistant, fingers clutching pen, man, ship.


Jillian said...

hey, thanks for visiting me! :-) i will be seeking advice from you on how to not turn my child into a conservative through force of rebellion. more urgently though, do you do cloth diapers? does the laundry drive you insane?

Dr. Gabbo said...


Well, so reads the login-confirmation image thang thang.

Sky... you've been busy this past week, I gather. I'm glad that ur peddling wares to the freshies at Evergreen... but I don't buy that your intention is anything other than devious. Hmph - I guess you'd be way too much for most of those girls. Try and sell those kids "White Out". I like that book.

Say, thanks for the book you sent. I got that from you, and some pictures from Trev on the same day. Oooold pictures. "The good old days" and all that shit. Luke and Brendan, TJ, yourself, Trevor and myself. In 15. I guess what you mean when you say, "look back fondly."

Do you know what I'm listening to right now? "A Much Better Tomorrow"... Automator and Kool Keith, older stuff from around the time of Octagon. That's one media suggestion, and another is: search YouTube for Hard Gay. Don't worry, it ain't what you think :) he's a Japanese television personality. You will either fall off your chair laughing, or want to arrest him.

Oh by the way, I think it's funny that you and the other radical young parents don't really argue. Is it because you have no time? Or does this group have it's own etiquette of what is and is not acceptable to debate... In any case, glad that you'll take the time to argue with me. And I don't think it has anything to do with honesty. Is it an old routine, or is it genuine exchange of ideas? Do we ever change each others' minds? Or are we like middle-schoolers too - showing their toughness, wrestling each other at recess...

Fuck. Gotta go back to work. You know that we'll be in town 10/26 evening. Myself, Alyson, Ashley from the far-flung West and near-West. I hope I'll see you around.


p.s. I really hope you watch some Hard Gay.