Thursday, September 28, 2006

a new ring

you know when you're subtly looking for that piece of jewelery or adornment, pondering that ever-elusive tattoo you can conclude upon with all your being? well, today at evergreen I looked down at my friend Anne's blanket of knick knacks and jewelery and laid eyes upon a very simple silver ring that almost looks like two blades of grass lying towards each other and meeting at the tips with a slight overlap.

wathcing princess mononoke and working on the old computer, postponing as many inevitabilities as possible while being as productive as possible in other ways to offset any guilt that might decide to spring upon me in the middle of some dark and lonely night. Eamon is a huge help, taking initiatives when I have no presence of mind, picking up slack in most of the right places, we slowly learn to live with each other. odd to have spent this much time with someone, yet he's really only been here a handful of nights since moving in in early august.

looking forward to this winter when we can spend a few days working on books and winter gardens and weatherproofing and sailboats and sipping wine by the fire with no other commitments beyond our own domestic dreams. unplug the phone, load up on movies, pray for snow and warm ourselves with whiskey or the thought of women or the woodstove.

girls sound asleep upstairs, early bedtime after another longfunfullday on campus. hung out with several other kids: Rogue, Uli, Madison, Obi, & Ella May. Nice smattering of Oly names. Plus I love the fact that out of whoever stays around this area with their kids, there will be some badass tykes/teens for my (not-so)little ladies to play with/bend to their will. good to socialize with so many other parents... at one point today I was with 3 papas and two mamas, just talking, not even about parental thingummies that muck up the real systems we depend on if we hash and rehash them too much. i love it! the place seems to have presented itself, so I'm gonna try to "organize" a meeting of the parent-minds on campus one or two days a week for whoever's around. and if everyone else's schedules conflict then I'll be the home-base/glue and survey everyone as they come hang out with their little slivers of time.

bingo. back to the books and this wonderful miso noodle soup Eamon just concocted! thanks for tuning into this edition of pirate papa and a big sloppy kiss to our sponsors this evening: I've Almost Had Enough Of This Shit! & Milwaukee's Best Ice.

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