Thursday, September 7, 2006

links before 10:30, or, how much do I hate html code?

Two hours of sleep. Uggh. Lyli and Scarleht tear apart the roses on the dining room table while I lay on the sofa pretending that r.e.m. sleep isn't that important, really. Cold here this morning again, the brrr months have arrived. Will be woodstove time soon enough so papa best get splittin'. Remain tuned for an epic tale from the front lines of Pirate Papa. In the meantime, peruse these most marvelous 'o linkages:

Awesome letter from Metrodad to his little Peanut, to be read as a teenager

Dad Gone Mad - Don't know why I hadn't discovered this one yet

Mom from Daily Dose's personal ranting - "This website chronicles some really pointless times in my life when I would post drunk and take pictures of my shoes. There was a brief interlude of about a hundred million entries about being pregnant, then a bunch of tantrums about breastfeeding, and now it's back to drunk posts about shoes. All full-circle-like." - my new favorite web-mama

Playing & Learning at Home

Slow Parenting - I love it!

Infoshop's Radical Parenting Page - Pirate Papa makes the grade

Top-Blogs Parenting Links

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radicalshift said...

thanks for the metrodad "peanut" letter link. that was really inspirational.thanks for doing the good work sky.