Friday, August 4, 2006

the bombs sound like drums in the distance across the water at the Fort Lewis testing grounds. i've never heard them sound like this before, a whole string of muffled firecrackers disguised as the foot-stomps of my children asleep upstairs for which I keep mistaking them. they light up the sky to the south-east, strobing their way over the sparse clouds to my secluded yard, turning the treetops silver in their wave and wake. the constant percussive whump mimicks a beating heart, then quickens to a more rapid pace before fading back into the neon nothingess glow of tacoma.

makes me wish more folks new it was illegal for the testing grounds to be where it is, above the sole source aquifer for king and mason counties. all that RDX seeping into our water supply. mmmmmmmmm. Ahhh, gotta love ignorance and the mass media and justice's blind bound eyes.

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