Tuesday, August 1, 2006

deeper in debt?

another year older? funny, I don't feel too different.

writing again has gifted me that illusive power of present-tense hindsight, as if I can see consequence and end result at the first strike of the match, whole systems laid out for me to poke and prod and poem over. Rob and I disembark this fair city, headed back to the anything but dismal reality of our fantasy lives in Olympia, the pages we walk upon and write about unravelling from the soles of our shoes. Oh hard heart why canst thou not crack wide open like the head? Weave me an allegory that makes me make sense.

Roll on, ye Stars! exult in youthful prime,
Mark with bright curves the printless steps of Time;
Near and more near your beamy cars approach,
And lessening orbs on lessening orbs encroach; —
Flowers of the sky! ye too to age must yield,
Frail as your silken sisters of the field!
Star after star from Heaven's high arch shall rush,
Suns sink on suns, and systems systems crush,
Headlong, extinct, to one dark center fall,
And Death and Night and Chaos mingle all!
— Till o'er the wreck, emerging from the storm,
Immortal Nature lifts her changeful form,
Mounts from her funeral pyre on wings of flame,
And soars and shines, another and the same.
Erasmus Darwin

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