Sunday, August 20, 2006


Pessimists dwell in the past, begrudge the present and fear the future. They are virtually incompatible with the momentary folk who live on the passing breeze, as well as the artistic forward thinkers, unless they share a common cynicism and can bemoan together what they despise most. Unreceptive to change are the pessimist's staunch idealogies, which they opine at any breath of chance. Marked by an absolute refusal to the ideas and suggestions of others, a self(-and-others) deprecating attitude, tone and vehement rhetoric of hopelessness, the pessimist is indigenous to those areas most prone to failure and self-loathing and is constantly holding themselves up to an impossible abstraction of themselves, a melting candle uplifted towards an imaginary sun.

Equally I abhor the saccharine optimists who attempt to gloss over all the horrible happenings present in our twisted sheets. Rather than wallow in self-pity and the cold throwes of harsh criticism, they blind themselves with shallow grandeures and the ignorance of overzealous dreaming, achieving a perspective just as mundane and basically evil as their philosophic counterpart. Skin-deep are their fantasies and unquenched their eternal foolish thirst for happiness. Forced ignorance of their own shortcomings and a pig-headed stubbornness herald a woe unwished for but well derserved.

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