Sunday, August 27, 2006

papa parties like a rock star

old friends and new at the 4th ave early in the day, pitchers and fries and wild talk like old times. fellow father mark and i hang out for the first time and super-mama heather is there as well! it was Rec the Place's (the record store in back of Last Word Books) 2nd birthday party at the store yesterday afternoon, The Pasties play a nice gig on top of the record shop loft, Membership cranks out a nice set as well. champagne at closing owen, rob, mark, heather, eamon, kevin, carly and others throw word-bullets back and forth through the smoke. then drunkenly up the hill for the record shop after-party, carrying fallover Rob, kegs and greens and sushi with tons of wasabi, records hanging from every square inch. The Cool Guys rock it out in the living room. More talk with ears I wish I knew better, business partners getting to be casually happy together. rob vanishes, we look but have to leave back downtown at Ten of the Dark to grab Big Pat (my rock carvign ex-marine badass cynical buddy). We abscond to safeway for beer, Pat, Mark and I and then run into the I-5 woods just outside the downtown to the infamous Swamphouse. so many thirsty mouths and burning palletes, beautiful people, poetry, more writings on the walls. quick nap under random car x at midnight(?). It's a super hero themed costume party but I just rock my torn up tacky bright green hawaiian shirt like tomorrow and I never met. kisses from new and old mouths. some quality time and talk with Keagan, old salt. new faces, connections, emotions. then at end of eve to friend's apartment for sleep and sweat and skin contact and sunlight through my eyelids early, mind foggy but alert and in love with my own thoughts, oh id, oh ego, oh art. soon to break this fast at the Reef or Voyeur over bloody marys and more more more go go go good times.

eamon and I pick up the 21 foot sailboat in 3 or 4 days and have a whole new project to crack out on. getting a jump on the mountain of books in our living room, had a nice relaxing welcome back to oly/shelton but this week it's back to work. more from the Papa Pirate's swirling seas shall soon follow.

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