Friday, August 25, 2006

links and language

Lyli awakes at 2 am to Rob, Eamon and my humble self firing BB guns off the front porch, effetively shredding several empty cans of ranier beer. armed to the teeth with a rifle, shotgun and pistol we plink the night away with no regrets. And the words of pop songs filter through the BB gun fire and the whimpers of a waking daughter and the clink of wine bottles. And so I leave you, dear readers, with a nice, long list o' linkages I have been perusing this day and night and morn and day again on this farm where we walk the party we want to see:

Stay-at-home Dad Stats courtesy of Rebel Dad
Excellent links courtesy of A Little Pregnant (dot com)
A Family Runs Through It nice family blog from Idaho
Partners in Parenting
Because I'm Your Father
Great Green Baby
Eco Street Blog - work-at-home opportunities for green anarchist parents
Green Scare - Persecuted Environmental Activists
- North American Earth Liberation Prisoners Support Network
Creative Playthings and the Rise of Creativity - courtesy of Daddytypes
A People's History fo Iraq - thanks Anarchist Info News
Clandestine Summer Reading
Rough Draft of an Obituary for Photography
Grandmamas Get Real: Deadlines, Fathers and, Thank Goodness, Grandchildren
Hey Grandpa, Er, I Mean "Dad" - thanks Daddytypes
Parents Face Flurry of Reports on Studies (The WASCL is a bunch of bullshit)
Why was aid so slow to get to the New Orleans convention center?
Automobile Asthma Index
Handmade Clothes By Little By Jenny: The Heirloom Tomatoes Of The Baby Industrial Complex - thanks Daddytypes
Improbable Movies From Children's Books, In Increasing Order Of Likely Suckitude - thanks Daddytypes
Oaxaca: Millions against tyranny
Kids Jazz Alphabet Flash-Vids
Mommy Blogger Festo - courtesy of Peanuttgallery
Kola Boof - supposed lover of Osama Bin Laden and resident badass feminist chick
Forbes article on China's success with an AIDS vaccine
Cool Mom Picks
Give the Kid a Cell Phone and We're All Doomed - courtesy of Daddytypes
Science-Nerd-Baby Flashcards
Our babies are getting fatter
Buy a Costco Pirate Tree House for Your Kids - since you're too inept to build one yerself for a tenth of this absurd cost
Eugene, Oregon: Trial pushed back in ecosabotage case
This list is for anarchists in the bioregion known as Cascadia to network, organize and share ideas.
Steal This Movie - More from the Frontlines of Sweden's Burgeoning Pirate Movement
Mexico Boiling Over: Oaxaca and Chiapas

Marne Lucas - Northwest Natural Erotic Photography
Steve Diet Goedde - Fetish and Erotic Photography
Libertarian Book Club
Potty Training from Green Parenting
I hope you know about this debacle...
Report: "My 6-year-old was traumatized by Barney's penis"

New phrases from the terrible two:
"Al dun peet-sa" - All done with my pizza
"kataboo downapoo" - Caterpillar go/went down (read: under/through) the porch
"pirate shirt me"
"ah lilee-kahlee" - lyli and scarleht (in reference to some drawings and photos)
"week gahdun" - rake the garden
"week n shovo" - rake and shovel
"buenosh dee" - buenos dias
"como ih-tah" - como estas
"bohn dur" - bon jour


Anonymous said...

SO! This is great, but here's a burning quest-ion: where can single gals find guys like y'all who want kids too??? Is there a site? Do you have any sweet friends? You're a rare, rare population, I think!

sky said...

in response to miss anonymous... well, I don't really know. I mean, I didn't ever want kids until I had my own. So either you have to convince them it'll be cool no matter how the cookie crumbles or I do. Oh, and I suppose humping someone with a spine helps. Thanks for your attention and compliments, I enjoy the fact you use the word y'all... perhaps we've met somewhere in those dusty hills of eastern washington where my tall ship still sails.

Daddy L said...

Yeah. Being single was a blast. Being married is a blast. Being a parent is a blast. so you never really know until it happens to you. Bad advice for someone looking for someone to be a Papa, but it's the truth.