Wednesday, August 2, 2006

last week in the civilized world, DEtachment parenting, a poem & a dank crepe recipe

awake to four cute crying eyes wanting to cuddle back to psuedo-sleep
another hour, 1/2, 2
who knows?
downstairs to phone, dishes, blog, books and my mix of child care, domesticities, business, writing, diapers, and food, gardening and pets, garbage, laundry, recycling, post office, book scouting, compost, feed the red worms, cats, chicken, collect eggs, weed whack, chainsaw, pull weeds in the garden, last ditch attempt at carrots and beans, water the strawberries, the potted plants, the vegetables and the flower garden, pick blackberries and salal. freak out at how horribly dirty our ancient carpet is. do something else for awhile.

intermittantly I sit down at the "poo-koo"
check: 4 e-mail accounts
post on one of a smattering of blogs
read half a dozen blogs
check booksales
check pirate papa
check stupid corporate myspace
bank statement

all this gets me in the mood to decide what I really want to do that day, since it's barely nine a.m. yet
I could either run around like an ant and get chunks of a myriad number of extended projects done or I could buckle down and do two or three things well and almost to completion.

Guilt gets the best of me sometimes, with twins I feel like I embody a mix of attachment and detachment parenting. It makes me feel very manipulative and deleriously free. At any point I orchestrate Lyli and Scarleht will pretty much play with each other unintterupted and virtually unsupervised. They will come to me if they are fighting, hungry, tired or need a new diaper. Other than that I can focus on whatever task is at hand like no other parent I have spoken with. Who else can sit down and read a book, weed the garden or take a shower when they want to? Maybe a few other parents of twins or triplets, or families with several young, well-behaved siblings. Maybe I just have super kids. But then again, they still seem to be little violent terrors around their mother so I really have no idea. Why do they listen to me and not to her?

I have no doubt that this is partially due to the sheer ammount of time I have spent with them throughout the first two years of their life and the fact that I taught them sign language before they were one year old. I highly recommend this tactic to any new parents, it will make little angels out of your children as long as you are the one doing the teaching and you maintain a consistantly determined attitude and constantly add new signs to the mix. I have been slacking this past month since Lyli and Scarleht magically became so articulate. We're up to 3-6 word sentence/thoughts!! Soon, when they have acquired a bit more verbal vocab I will jump back into signing on a regular basis. I'm just stalling because this next leap will require a lot of study and participation on my part and I'm trying to be lazy as long as possible. Plus who am I kidding? It's just nice to bask in the moment and watch their language grow on its own with no outside stimulus.

Twins are incredible that way. It's like watching a play unfold before your eyes. You may hold a few puppet strings but don't wield nearly as much control as in the beginning of their lives. I wish I was in touch with more cool parents of twins, or that I would/could take the initiative to seek them out. It's fun to compare notes over blogs but nothin beats play time together.

"ay-yeh" means "under" the picnic bench-barricade at the end of our walk - scarleht

"mi cuddo gramma, yu cuddo papa" (I bet you get the gist of that one) - lyli

O cheers to my changing self!
Stagnant static gone, replaced
by a graceful misty bliss,
O cheers newfound fog and rebound heart!
O cheers the liver and the doer!
Cheers the hop and hard road dust!
Cheers the magnificent rump of heaven!

The stunted pine grows strong in shadows.
I must remove this rainbow before it becomes a blindfold.
But O cheers the beating heart, O bloody drum!
Cheers the dark salal and himilayan black berry!

I sing of cracked sidewalks and deer in the city.
I sing of the rose and concrete,
of river and her times,
of road.
I sing of sadness certain but for hope.
I sing of fuel and of the fire,
artist and canvas becoming one.
And O cheers the day and her divinity!

Cheers the blue collars and buses and bustle!
Cheers the mossy firmament, the ancient cedar,
babbling brook, book of us all.

Cheers the animal instinct of art!
Cheers to revolution, turning soul and soil and seed,
flower and weed, mind and need.

O cheers the absolute complexity of being
and cheers the single breath!

Okay, so I made the best crepes ever last week and wanted to share my recipe, just replace the necessary ingredients with whatever suits your vegan fancy:

8 eggs
2 cups flour
1 cup milk
1 cup water
1 teaspoon salt
4 tablespoons butter

either blend it or mix it very well for a bit
you're supposed to let the batter sit for an hour but we were starving and it worked just fine right after blending.

on high heat pour enough batter to cover the bottom of the pan and brown on both sides. doesn't take long, once you get good at it you can make quite a few in a short period of time.

as for fillings and toppings, try any combination of the following (or all of it!):
avocado, arugala, basil, cilantro, honey, black pepper, pears, chevre (or some other awesome goat cheese), and green onions. The kicker is the Raspberry-Chili Vinegrette sauce I invented from scratch:

take one pint of strawberries, one cup brown sugar, 3 or 4 table spoons of your favorite chili paste (I use Tuong Ot Sriracha, made by Huy Fong Foods, Inc.) and 3 or 4 tablespoons balsamic vinegar. These measurements can be played with to adjust to your taste buds but it should turn out amazing. Let me know what you think.

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