Thursday, August 3, 2006

uh-oh, we're gettin' deep

my eye drawn to the simple symbiosis of an abandoned mole-hill-turned-chicken-dust-bath-bowl.

succulently intellectual on a down-farm level, yes?
but the first scholars read the earth (while they took care of their kids!).

Good words over roaming hours promising tomorrow with my Irish punk printer poet bard roomie Eamon, who moved in today. Danish ales and Irish ballads on the porch, a few of my roots entwined.

My singular components integrating into a more indivisible whole.
My distinct elements mixing into a more inseparable totality.
(whichever suits you, Fancy.)

Or, for the scholar/samurai/book farmer/philosopher/savant/scribe or screenwriter in you: Individuation.

Today I realized the correlation between Lyli and Scarleht's word for "politely" = "Palimpa" and the idea of the palimpsest:

a manuscript page, scroll, or book that has been written on, scraped off, and used again. The word palimpsest comes through Latin from two Greek roots (palin + psEn) meaning "scraped again."

(Which is really just the literary word for the contemporary graffiti movement and the literary crowd doesn't know it, but that's a topic for an entire essay)

Dwell on that while I drink some wine and make dinner.


GreenDaddy said...

I like the new words on your banner. Maybe they're not that new, but I just noticed them. It has been amazing to watch all these alternative parenting blogs and zines grow.

Anonymous said...

well, I'll get to see it soon. read the earth, drag me around and show me the mole hills turned to chicken baths. I"m very susestable.

like this time my little brother tripped for the first time, and I didn't know he was tripping, and he woke me up , where we were living in Santa Cruz - and insisted the house had a thin layer of water all over it with tiny microorganisms swimming in it. I said I didn't see them. He insisted they were there. so I got on my knees and looked at the floor closer, and was like "yea, I think I see them now".

its a funny story he likes to think of fondly