Friday, August 4, 2006

papa's bruised rib, scarleht's foaming mouth, internet adventures and sunshine

okay, more links from the pirate dork's latenight internet adventures:

Smokin' Barrel - "A view from the eyes of a Christian husband, father, and gun nut" This guy's my new friend, he just doesn't know it yet.

An excellent piece from Raj @ Green Parenting - Concerning whether or not to hire a Mayan woman to provide childcare. The Mayan couple left their own child in the hands of family to come work here. Thin lines indeed.

India Bans Child Labor! - Thanks Klint @ Rose Colored News!

New study shows breast-fed children handle the divorce or separation of their parents better than bottle-fed kids. - Well duh, that's 'cause we're better than them. (note sarcasm)

woke up yesterday with a sharp pain in my left side, feels like I remember bruised ribs were like but I have no idea how I would have done that... every now and then I will have coughing fits in my sleep, usually when I'm smoking too much (shocking!) but this doesn't feel like that either. Strange. Arnica, stretches, deep breaths to stretch the muscles out again, don't suppress breathing. Ow.

my mother and her friend judy come out for lunch:

stirfried potatoes, kale, carrots, tempeh, broccoli, radishes from my garden, cilantro, honey, black pepper, nutritional yeast with a blackberry-chile vinaigrette (misspelled that the other day) and now that I think about it most vinaigrettes are served cold and I've served mine hot all 3 times now... hmmmmm.

scarleht re-discovers she can blow spit bubbles and promptly drools all over herself and brings me individual bubbles to keep for her in my imaginary pocket. the sun here is shining and life rolls on at my favorite Sunday-morning pace.


Smokin' Barrel said...

You have an interesting sight.
About your question, Remington doesn't make a lever gun, your best bet would be a Winchester model 94 in 30-30, or a Marlin, also in 30-30. Both can be bought at Wal-mart for under $300. I've shot them both many times, and their both great guns, but if I had to choose, I'd go with the Winchester

freezio said...

Funny, Sky's my brother's name. It'd be really weird if you were also a hippy-punk-celtic/jewish-pride-history-buff from Santa Cruz. But what're the odds of that.

Nice menu, by the way.