Tuesday, August 8, 2006

tons of cool links and the first Pirate Papa Zine

I am officially cracked out on my computer. i spent almost 24 hours working on the first hardcopy issue of Pirate Papa, anthologizing the best material from the first nine months of this website. when i walked upstairs last night I couldn't see a damn thing. stuppid computer screen. i need a beta-carotene vacation.

the zine isn't anything fancy, but it'll do the trick well enough I suppose for this weekend at the 'Zine Symposium. Excited! I am! Yes! This is going to be sweet. Tomorrow Eamon and the girls and I abscond with our bad selves to Guemes Island to descend upon one Mardesich residence, solid fisher folk on a tiny island in this Sound of Puget. Nice calm before the storm of Portland. And if anyone wants a copy of my 'zine just let me know, I'm not sure what it's gonna cost yet 'cause I have yet to do the printing, but it's sixty fucking pages long so I'm thinking $5-$10 - whatever my clientel seems able to afford.

okay, so I've been working on a million other things and haven't posted for a few days, sorry. here's a nice little list of cool stuff for your perusal though:

"Organic" Milk Boycott
Indie Tits - Amusing Webcomic about Indie bands no one's ever heard of
Ecologist Genius Murray Bookchin dies at 85
Sweet Minimalist Swedish Kids Clothing Company thanks Daddytypes!
Digg - I just became aware of this amazing reader voted popularity journalism site. Check it out, I'm hooked.
Finally! - Advice to Parents, Know Your Video Games
Mumsnet - British Mums Site
The Case for Boycotting Israel
Israeli anarchists blockade air force base SWEET!
Olympia Dumpster Divers Recycled Art Blog!!
Population & Puget Sound

This news aggregator's going to fucking kill me. I can't believe I'm addicted to this technology I don't even like.

For all you parents of twins or triplets out there:

"There was a young girl who begat
three brats by name
Nat, Pat, and Tat.
It was fun in the breeding
but hell in the feeding,
when she found there
was no tit for tat." -Anonymous

and all of you wanna-be radical parents out there should check out this book from Paladin Press: How To Raise Up A Kid Or Two(ISBN = 1581603940) by Dr. Andy Kane. Excellent brutally honest advice: "Add up all the teeth in your and your mate's immediate families. If the total is less than 25, forget about having kids."

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Nino the Mindboggler said...

Thanks for links to keep me busy on a slow news/blog day!

And the tooth equation is EXCELLENT advice!!! :-D